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   Picture: F. Biasio

After a heartattack in 2009 Bruno Koller Sensei has been battling dementia. His sight and sense of orientation have been decreasing ever since – increasingly in need of help and care. For a while now, he's dependent on a 24-hour caregiver during 7 days of the week. Despite his massive disabilities, Bruno Sensei still comes to our Dojo and participates in our trainings. 

Bruno Sensei lives at home in his appartment in Lucerne with the help of his family and two alternating caregivers. His 8 year old son, Laurin, lives across from him as a foster child with his half-sister Sara and her children Ben and Ronja. This enables Bruno Sensei to see his son Laurin as often as possible, which is most important to him. The costs of home assistance are very high, though.

Care-takers who live at home recieve very little financial support by the government compared to care-takers who live in a facility. Bruno Sensei has always focused on quality rather than quantity in terms of his Karate- and Kendo-Schools. He was never out for financial enrichment for that matter. This leads to him not being able to afford to live at home any longer – all his savings will be used up by this summer.

Bruno Sensei is a very independent spirit who loves to move – he is only 68 years old. At the beginning of his sickness my father once told me: "As long as I move, I am alive."

We wish, for him to participate in our trainings for as long as possible. To do this, he needs privately organized financial help. Which is why we opened a donation-account through our school, of which 100% of the donations will go directly to Bruno Sensei.

Thank you so much for your support!
OSSU, Selina Koller & Family / Budoschule Luzern

Because of changing situation Bruno Senseis, the donation-account will be closed at the end of september 2017!


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